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Vienna Desserts is founded on a family tradition of making delicious foods. This tradition has been passed down through generations and is preserved in recipes that have remained unchanged for over a century. The method of making everything from scratch remained unchanged as well.

All ingredients are natural, and some are also organic. The basic dessert ingredients include dairy products, eggs, chocolate, a variety of nuts, and fresh as well as dry fruit.

Vienna Desserts’ food products are low in carbohydrates (such as our signature flourless tortes), low in fat, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, and are also extremely delicious.

"Vienna Desserts, with its clay tiled roofing, red brick, and inviting front patio equipped with decorative iron cafe tables, seems like it would be a scene right from the heart of Europe. But this business is located about as far away from Europe as it can get...Oxford, Mississippi." OHS Charger, January 2004

This well-combined balance of nutritional value of the ingredients makes all Vienna Desserts’ products very recognizable to our customers who choose them as their favorites. Testimonials.

Behind this small business enterprise is extreme quality and long lasting family tradition of making the best foods and the most famous cakes and desserts from the Old World.

Unique in its nature, historic Viennese cuisine is truly international, characterized by a combination of culinary influences from the nations residing within the borders of the Austrian Empire. It was created to reflect the nature of the Habsburg royal dynasty's lavish lifestyle. Without doubt it is one of the world’s mayor cuisines.

Many people are unaware of the fact that their favorite pastries such as croissants, bagels, danishes, pretzels and doughnuts have their origins in Vienna.

Owner and chef of Vienna Desserts, Dragana Mehmedic has great knowledge, experience and passion in making such goods. Dragana sets a high level of expectation for Vienna Desserts in its product quality, ornate style, and exquisite presentation.

Professional Memberships : WCR - Women Chefs & Restaurateurs, ICES – International Cake Exploration Society.

Vienna Desserts is also a member of Oxford – Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce.